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Charlies Animal Rescue Centre – CARE

Charlies Animal Rescue Centre – CARE

Established in 2013 close to Jakkur Lake, to provide animal care, rescue, adoption, therapy and boarding.

Our personal experience with CARE started when we had an incident with a rescue dog. Road accidents are not unusual and especially with dogs it almost seems inevitable.One such heartless rash driver hit a 6 month old puppy. The dog was profusely injured with hind leg and hip was broken. We rushed the dog to emergency care and got his leg/hip surgery done.

Post leg and hip surgery, Akira needed post surgery care for nearly 3 months to be able to walk again. Keeping him in hospital environment can damage his mental health and we decided to look out for rescue partners who could help us with post surgery care. CARE came forward to help us and Akira got a great start to be back on his paws.

CARE has many such stories to tell and we encourage each one of you to go visit and hear them out first hand.

Blind cats, dogs with broken legs, abused cats and dogs are a usual sight here.Best part is to see that they are given a second chance to a happy healthy life.

Virat Kohli adopted 25 dogs from CARE. Taking young children to such places for field trips encourages them a compassionate society living.

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