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Pet Flea & Tick Non-Toxic Ultrasound Collar Tag | Made in Italy

Color: Black
    • Made in Italy

    • Available in Matching Alcott Collar Colors

    • An environmentally-friendly device for pet to protect against fleas and ticks! Designated for the protection of pets.
      Light and comfortable to wear, ZeroBugs™ PET is the ideal, non-toxic, environmentally-friendly solution to prevent and counter the presence of ticks and fleas on household pets, without using any potentially harmful chemicals.

    • The steady action of ZeroBugs™ PET reduces the risk of colonization by ticks and fleas and thus the likelihood of infestation by parasites, possible cause of disease in dogs and cats of any size. Ideal for animals that come into contact with children.

    • Resistant to water sprays and moisture (IP41).

    • ZeroBugs™ PET operates by emitting ultrasound waves that are completely safe for humans and household pets (even for wearers of pacemaker or other devices).

    • ZeroBugs™ PET is effective over a radius of approximately 1.5 m. Once activated, the non-replaceable internal lithium battery will last 10 months..