Bronx collection is a unique example, finished off by hand. Available at

Bronx Collection

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    The Boss Dog Name ID Tag

    • Silver Plated The Boss Dog Name Tag is the most unique pet ID Tag.
      Each item of Bronx collection is finished off by hand and fashionable antique silver plating.
      The small irregularities on the tags surface are the proof of the handcrafted process which makes them authentic products.
      Bronx collection is characterized by several weaves and decorations that spread the real urban soul of the American suburbs.
      These Tags are Made in ITALY.
      The BOSS Tag is round shaped tag & made with Zamak Metal & silver plated. 
      Size of the tag is : t .25 cm x h 3.93 cm x l 3.17 cm.
      As you all know, there is a constant increase in missing pets.
      This product comes with a feature through which you can easily customize your name and contact details on it.
      The BOSS tag can customized with 4 Lines on the back. We recommend you make it simple & precise with 2 lines. Name & Contact Number.

      This BOSS Dog Tag will be perfect gift for all you Pet Lovers & Pet Parents.
      Also for yourself or your someone special & for Animal and Bird Lovers & Wild Life Photographers.
      The BOSS Tag looks stunning on keys, handbags, backpacks, luggage and even as a zipper pull on your outdoor jacket.
    1 product
    Bronx collection is a unique example, finished off by hand. Available at
    Shop at for bronx name tag which is  perfected with a fashionable antique silver plating.
    Bronx THE BOSS Dog Name ID Tag
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