Starting Rate Per Night Rs.999 *

Cat Overnight Stay

Retreat for Our Feline Companions!
Tailored to meet the unique needs of cats, the Kitty Cottage provides cozy and sanitized accommodations separate from our canine guests.

For families with multiple cats, cottages equipped with connecting doors are at your disposal, ensuring a comfortable stay for these discerning feline guests. Cottage rates include a personal caretaker, dedicated playtime, litter management, and socialization.

Starting Rate For Day Care Rs.400 *

Cat Day Care

Cat day care is primarily essential for promoting socialization, preventing boredom, ensuring physical exercise, and monitoring health.

In situations where cats are experiencing significant changes, such as moving to a new home or adapting to the presence of a new pet, day care can serve as valuable transitional support. It offers a secure and controlled environment during these periods of adjustment.

Moreover, it provides reassurance to pet parents, offering them comfort in the knowledge that their cat is safe and under vigilant supervision.