Why Pool & How Therapy?

One-on-One pool time with a pet parent is crucial for building a strong bond, fostering trust, providing safety training, offering personalized attention, encouraging physical exercise, reinforcing positive experiences, promoting emotional well-being, and adopting a customized approach to water activities.

Swimming and water play can be enjoyable and mentally stimulating for pets. One-on-one pool time ensures that the experience is tailored to the pet's preferences, contributing to their emotional well-being and overall happiness.

Pool Session Inclusive of Bath & Dry Rs.1800 * Onwards

Private Pool Session

Every pet is unique, and one-on-one pool time allows the pet parent to adopt a customized approach to water activities. This flexibility ensures that the experience is tailored to the individual needs and comfort level of the pet.

Pets, like humans, benefit from individualized attention. During one-on-one pool time, the pet parent can focus on the pet's specific needs, addressing any concerns or fears related to water in a supportive manner.

What Transpires Before & After Pool Time?

Prior to entering the pool, the pet receives a bath to uphold hygiene standards and maintain the cleanliness of the environment.

After the session concludes, the pet undergoes another washing and drying process, ensuring a thoroughly enjoyable and stimulating experience. You can take your pet directly to a café or home without the worry of having to clean them up.

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