Service Provision

The Pet Hotel offers various pet care services, as detailed on the Service Card/Pet Evaluation filled out by pet parents. Pet parents must provide complete and accurate information about their pet’s medical conditions and behavior, and inform The Pet Hotel of any changes to ensure appropriate care.

Payment Terms

Pet parents are responsible for paying the rates effective at the start of each visit. Charges start from the pet’s drop-off time, with additional charges for late pickups. Prices may change without notice, and seasonal rates could apply.

Reservation and Cancellation Policy

Reservations are accepted, but service provision depends on the pet meeting The Pet Hotel’s health and behavior criteria. No refund for Cancellations 

Emergency Contact Designation

Pet parents must designate an adult agent (other than themselves) for emergencies. This agent is authorized to make decisions, including health-related ones and managing expenses for the pet.

Handling Emergencies

In emergencies or natural disasters, The Pet Hotel will try to contact the pet parent or their agent. The Pet Hotel has the discretion to transport the pet or arrange alternative care until the pet parent or agent can take over. Safety evacuation of pets is attempted but not guaranteed.

Check-In and Check-Out Procedures

Check-in and check-out times are subject to The Pet Hotel’s hours. Pet parents or their agents must be adults and present government-issued identification to ensure pets are released to the correct person.

Pet Health and Behavior Management

The Pet Hotel reserves the right to refuse service to pets that appear sick, injured, in pain, or exhibit harmful behavior. Pets must be healthy, with all required vaccinations confirmed by a veterinarian. Treatment costs for fleas or ticks are the pet parent’s responsibility. Pets with undisclosed illnesses, injuries, or aggressive behavior may be refused service.

Liability for Communicable Diseases

Despite vaccination requirements, there’s a risk of pets contracting contagious diseases. The Pet Hotel is not liable for any illness your pet may contract or spread during or after their stay.

Procedure for Unpicked Pets

If a pet is not picked up on the designated departure date, The Pet Hotel will continue providing services at the pet parent’s expense. If a pet is considered abandoned as per legal standards, The Pet Hotel will follow the Abandoned Pet Procedure, potentially handing the pet over to adoption or government agencies.

Owner’s Liability and The Pet Hotel’s Limitation of Liability

The pet parent confirms they are the legal pet owner and responsible for any misrepresentations. The Pet Hotel is not liable for indirect, incidental, or consequential damages arising from the services provided.