by Ambika Ramachandran on Oct 09, 2021


It's Healthy Indulgence without Compromise.

We offer an authentic, New York based menu that has a variety of F&B options that are plant-forward, guilt-free, cruelty-free and vegan friendly, curated by Master Chef Abhijit Saha of the ‘Master Chef’ fame – a chef, entrepreneur/restaurateur who has 30 years of experience nationally and internationally. A well thought of and delicately crafted Menu has delicacies made with hand-picked, fresh ingredients.

Our Arabica coffee beans are sourced from a coffee estate 3200 ft above sea level on the Western Ghats in Chikmagalur which is ideal for the best coffee. The aromatic and flavorful, freshly dark roasted coffee will linger on your tastebuds for a long time!

Our All-day breakfast section offers smoothie bowls containing Superfoods with fresh flavors. Smoothie bowls were the brainchild of the Gracie family from Brazil, whereas Mee Goreng from the Queens Asian section is an Indonesian delicacy that was created by restaurateur Ting Choon Teng and Quek Ah Ai of Punggol.

Our vegan-friendly bakery uses ancient grains to provide you with eggless and dairy-free wonders. The products, packaging as well as cutlery we use, are eco friendly and sustainable.

To create a transparent dining experience, we have an open kitchen. The abundant greenery, exotic view of our wall mural and view of our map and galleria complete the artistic experience of the place.

The cafe is partitioned from the retail, the veterinary clinic and the grooming spa.

Be a pet parent, pet lover, or just a food lover.. this is definitely a pit stop in your life’s journey.

CALL :7619481666 For Reservations

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  • Sanjil
    Dec 04, 2021 at 14:32


    Reservation required for 6 adults & 3 kids on 4th-nov-2021at 5.30 pm
    Thank you


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