by Ambika Ramachandran on Oct 09, 2021


“Have you heard of the phrase ‘prevention before cure’?

Pet Wellness & Wellbeing is essentially a total effect of love, education, and health care.

We believe in proactive wellness care, which means that ensuring right nutrition and support to avoid illness related to undernourishment or nutritional imbalance at various life stages 

At PawsnCollars, our team is here for your pet’s whole health journey, with the advice and resources you need to make the most of every moment you spend with your fur baby.

Everything your fur baby needs, is all in one place — nutrition, health care, mental wellness & training.

Your puppy relies on you to keep them healthy, happy, and safe. One of the most important steps to take, both within the first 6 months and throughout your puppy’s life, is making sure your fur baby is up to date on their vaccinations. Our veterinary team is here to help advise on what vaccinations your puppy needs, when they need them, and to help diagnose and treat other health problems during exams — so you can focus on enjoying the unconditional love and joy that your pup is eager to show you. 

We offer products and services that are comprehensive and proactive  in nature.

Life Span of your pet can be extended significantly with your unconditional love, care and best nutrition. At PawsnCollars, we are committed to partnering with you on your pet's life journey in every step. 

Explore Plethora Of Our Value Driven Services..

Here's what you expect when you visit us:

  • New Parents: Puppy/Kitten packages. We take care of your puppy's/kitten's medical needs for 6 months and you can save up to 50% as opposed to individual appointments, vaccinations, blood & fecal profiles.
  • Neutering/Spaying: Most pet parents like hand holding during the surgical process and post surgical care. We cover it all of you!
  • Motherhood: Deliveries can be a monumental task and high risk for mother and pups/kittens if not monitored and done right way.
  • Microchipping: Microchipping is a mandatory requirement from most countries and city municipalities to identify the pet as well as contact information of the pet's parents in case of events that could lead to missing or lost pets.

How could you reach out to us?
Our services are appointment driven. You can either call us at +91 76194 81666 or schedule an appointment -> HERE

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